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Oakland Airport Parking

Oakland Airport Long Term and Hourly Parking Options


The Oakland International Airport, or OAK, offers several different parking options. Whether you need to park for an hour while waiting for your friend's delayed plane to arrive or to park for a week while on a trip, the airport's lots can meet your needs. However, parking at OAK is not free. These prices range from a high of $3 per 30 minutes to a low of $16 per 24 hours, as of August 2012.

Oakland International Airport's Parking Lots:

The Oakland International Airport has five different parking lots. These are:

  • Premier
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Economy
  • Park & Call

As its name suggests, the Premier lot is the most convenient. It's nearest to the terminals, meaning you'll have an easy walk.

Unlike the other lots, Park & Call is not designed for you to actually park in for long. Instead, you may wait here (for free!) for up to half an hour. For example, if you are picking up a friend or family member, you might opt to wait here until the plane lands.

Oakland Airport Hourly Parking:

If you don't intend to stay for long – a couple hours or less, for example – it doesn't matter much where you park. All of the lots except for Premier and Park & Call charge the same amount for short stays: $2 per half hour, up to 5 hours (as of August 2012).

Park & Call is free for up to half an hour, but you must stay with your car. If you simply need to park while waiting for someone else's plane to land before picking him or her up, this is the place to go. However, do not attempt to use this lot if you need to go into the airport yourself.

Premier parking costs $3 per half hour, up to 5 hours. If you value a shorter walk to the terminals, this extra $1 per half hour may be worth the cost.

Oakland Airport Long Term Parking:

Don't worry, the Oakland Airport's parking lots aren't all geared toward those staying for a couple of hours or less.

All of Oakland Airport's parking lots, other than Park & Call, offer daily parking rates. The most affordable lot for long term parking is the Economy lot, where the daily rate is $16 as of August 2012. On the downside, this lot is the furthest from the terminals.

For the other lots, prices per day (defined as 5 to 24 hours) are as follows at the time of writing:

  • Premier: $36
  • Hourly: $32
  • Daily: $22

Getting to the Airport:

You can walk to the airport from all of the lots except Economy.

Premier is nearest the airport, followed by Hourly and then Daily.

If you park in Economy, you may not wish to make the longer trek to the terminals. Unlike the other lots, the Economy lot is located on John Glenn Drive rather than the main Airport Drive. If you prefer not to walk the extra distance, you may take the complimentary shuttle to the terminals.

Pros and Cons:

Each of Oakland Airport's parking lots has its own pros and cons. Read the lists below to figure out which lot is best for you.



  • Closest to terminals
  • Premier security lanes in the airport
  • Freebies including newspaper & water
  • Most expensive lot ($3/half hour up to 5 hours, $36/day)


  • Close to terminals
  • Average price for short stays ($2/half hour up to 5 hours)
  • Moderately expensive for long stays ($32/day)


  • Walking distance to terminals
  • Average price for short stays ($2/half hour up to 5 hours)
  • More expensive for long stays than Economy ($22/day)


  • Least expensive option for long stays ($16/day)
  • Average price for short stays ($2/half hour up to 5 hours)
  • Furthest lot from the terminals (though a free shuttle is available)
Park & Call


  • Free option for stays under 30 minutes
  • Must stay with your car (so you can't park here while going to the terminals)
  • Maximum stay of 30 minutes


If you prefer not to park at the airport, consider taking BART. The Coliseum/Oakland Airport station is very close to the airport. From this station, you can catch AirBART, a low-cost shuttle that will take you straight to the airport.

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