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The Facts About Living in Oakland

Day-to-day life in Oakland is generally nothing like what you see in the media. Learn more in our guide, which features information about crime rates and interviews with prominent Oakland figures about the real Oakland.

Typical Weather in Oakland, CA
Weather in Oakland tends to be pretty mild, but it has some distinctive characteristics. This article offers information on rainfall, clear days, fog, and more.

Kids' Activities in Oakland
Oakland's kids' activities aren't all immediately obvious. If you're looking for something to do with your family, check out this list for some ideas!

Oakland Events, June 2012
If you're wondering what to do in Oakland, check out this list of Oakland events. This guide includes concerts, camping, art and more!

Oakland Crime Map
Much of Oakland is nothing like the city of violence so often portrayed in the media. This crime map can help you see which parts are better than others.

The Downsides of Oakland
While much of Oakland is wonderful, the city is far from perfect. To get a sense of the potential downsides of Oakland, read this article by an ex-resident.

Experiences of Living in Oakland
Check out this forum thread for many first-hand accounts of life in Oakland.

Experiences of Living in Oakland #2
Another City-Data forum thread, this one includes people ranking their satisfaction with living in various Oakland neighborhoods on a 1-5 scale.

The Best of Oakland
Don't let some of the bad reviews scare you. This "Best of Oakland" article will give you an idea of why many locals are so loyal to the city.

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